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The problem

There is an urgent but almost unknown tragedy in the world today: an estimated eight million children are growing up in institutional care around the world without families.

This is despite the fact that over the last 50 years child development specialists have concluded that care institutions consistently fail to meet children’s developmental needs.

The solution

We partner with governments in Asia who want to make the transition away from institutional care to family-based care, but lack the tools needed to see it through effectively and systematically.

By government invitation, our team of social work experts train state-run care institutions in how to move orphaned and abandoned children into local, loving families.

How you can help

Buy our balloons, enter the race and spread the word - share your balloon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and encourage friends and family to join the race.

To date, our work has resulted in over 300,000 children being moved from care institutions into families. By purchasing our balloons, you will be helping us to move closer to our vision of reaching one million children.